Manufacturing, supply and erection of road signage of the highest possible quality, incorporating S.A.B.S.     endorsed materials.

  Supply of "road furniture" and safety equipment used in the road construction industry.

  Manufacturing specialised signage in exact accordance with client specifications, using innovative design     concepts, cutting edge graphic, visual projection and manufacturing techniques.

  Research, development, manufacture and supply of innovative signage design to the industry.

  Immediate supply of emergency signage to traffic authorities when needed.

  Supply and general maintenance of signs for various municipalities and district councils.

  Sign upgrades for the City of Tygerberg, including Oostenberg and the South Peninsula.

  Approved and preferred supplier of signs to the City of Cape Town.

Cape Otto Signs is a Broad Based Black Empowerment business, entirely dedicated to the manufacture and erection of the finest road signage available.

  Maintaining close, personal and dynamic client relations and customer support.

  Continue to plan, design, use innovative concepts and apply cutting edge graphic, visual projection and     manufacturing  techniques to ensure consistent product manufacture.

  Aggressively market our expertly manufactured products, maintain our fastidious attention to details,     excellent craftsmanship and on-time delivery of the finest quality road signs available.

  Maintain our position as the road sign manufacturing and installation company of choice in the Western Cape     and aggressively  endeavour to extend this reputation into Southern Africa.

  Remain demographically representative, since we enjoy equality, equity and equal opportunity. We are     empowered by our 80% Historically Disadvantaged Individual staff (PDI) representation at ownership and     management level with a primarily Priority Population Group Staffing. Build on the grassroots empowerment  of     staff, which we believe starts with education and training. Continue to enjoy and treasure an informal, high     spirited and relaxed relationship among staff, and allow our positive attitude and dedicated mutual  support to     drive us to higher aspirations.